Monday, March 3, 2014

Hubby and I are enjoying a yummy Sushi  Night! We never get a date night so we make a nice date atmosphere in our home. We have been together for 10 years so we have to reinvent date in our home since we are parents and don't have the luxury of an on call babysitter. Our parents live about 2 hours away on both sides so when we travel home we get the luxry of your sets of grandparents eager to get time with their baby grand boy :) he just turned 6 but will always be there baby mine too (shhh don't tell hubby that lol) . Date night consists of our favorite movie and things to eat, and time to catch up with each other. Snuggle time is always fun too if I can stay awake!  We both Adore sushi  so we got a variety tonight. We enjoyed it with spicy sauce, soy sauce, and Wasabai.  It was delicious but my favorite part is spending one and one time with my husband. It's nice not to talk about who is going to cook tonight or who is going to do the dishes :) so my advice to other couples is schedule some time with ur love one it's very important and it's a great treat for your both! 


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