Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Home made Moon Sand

4 cups play sand
2 cups corn starch
1 cup water
2 tbsp colored powder paint

1. Mix the sand and cornflour in a large bowl until combined. Then tip in the water in increments, mixing it in as you go along. By the end it should be well combined and the consistency is like a crumbly pastry mix. If it doesn’t hold together when formed in a ball then add a tiny bit more water until it feels right. It should not be wet, but feel slightly damp.
2. When this is achieved then stir through the colors, using as many as you like. You will need to use your fingers to thoroughly mix the colors, like making breadcrumbs or pastry.

Now Have fun playing.

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  1. You made playing so easy and fun. Recipe is so easy and I will definitely give it a try. Keep posting more easy things for children.