Tuesday, July 1, 2014

DIY Red, White, and Blue Citronella Candles.

Patriotic & Bug Free? Yes!

What you will need:

Canning Jars
Wax (you can buy this in a block or shredded)
Red, and Blue Crayons.
Hot Glue Gun
Pencil or chopstick
Citronella Oil


1.) Heat up your hot glue gun (make sure you have something
under to to prevent dripping)

2.) Line up your canning jars, and place a little glue to the bottom
of your wick. Make sure you add enough so that it will stick. Place
your wick in the middle of your canning jar. I like to take an pencil and
use the eraser part to push it down until it sticks.

3.) When wicks are in place, place jars in your oven on your
lowest heat setting. This will help even out your wax and prevent any cracking
in your glass.

4.) While glasses are in oven. Melt your wax by boiling water on the stove,
place a heat safe bowl on top of the boiling water pan and melt. (This is
also great for melting chocolate, prevents burning and melts more evenly)
Add your Citronella Oil, place 3 drops per cup of wax.

5.) If desired, use crayons (red & Blue) to add to your wax, Remember to use
enough because the color will be duller when dry.) For this project, Melt your wax in
batches for individual colors. Don't add any crayons to the white wax.

6.) Take jars out of oven, and add your melted wax. Place your pencil or 
chopstick across the top of the jars to stabilize the wicks in the middle of the wax
until wax hardens.

Cut the wick to about 1/2 inch above the wax and Voila!

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