Tuesday, June 17, 2014

DIY: Summer Lantern

What you need:
Clean Tin Cans, However many you would like to use.
Nails (You can use different sized nails if you would like for your pattern.
Spray Paint or Colored Markers.
Votive Candles.
*You can also make a design on graphing paper and wrap it around the can to use as a template for your holes.

How to do it.
*After removing label and cleaning your cans, fill with water and freeze overnight (This will give stability for making your holes)
* After water has frozen, take out your can and lay it on a towel to catch ice chips.
*After choosing a pattern, make holes in can by using your nails and hammer.
*Remove the block of ice (wait until it melts a little bit and it should come out easily)
* Dry can
* After holes are placed and can is dry. You can color it by using spray paint in a well ventilated area or by using your creativity and colored markers.
* After it is completely dry, place your votive candle in the tin can, light it outside, and Enjoy!

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