Wednesday, June 11, 2014

This would be a perfect craft to make for your Child's teacher, or an art piece for their room.

What you will need:
Strong Glue ( I use a hot glue gun on most projects)
Colorful Card stock for the background, Hobby Lobby has tons in a variety of colors and prints.
Picture Frame
*You can also opt of of using card stock and a picture frame and use a canvas instead.

-Cut the card stock in the size of your picture frame
-Glue your crayons in the shape of the letter of your choosing. You can go to Microsoft Word and enlarge a letter on there if you feel better using a template. You could also cut the crayons if you want them smaller.
-Wait for it to dry, put your art work in the frame and that's it! 

* Use your creativeness, you can also add anything else you would like inside the frame, I think that you could get some cute scrapbook things for teachers to add to it also.

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