Sunday, April 15, 2012

First unwrap the chicken, remove the bag of innards from the cavity and give the chicken a quick rinse.
After rinsing the chicken place in crock pot that has been sprayed with non-stick.Y
ou do not need to put any liquid in the pot, just the chicken.
Then sprinkle your favorite spices on the chicken. I usually sprinkle garlic and paprika.
Place the lid on the crock pot, set on low, and walk away for about 7 hours.
Remove the chicken from the crock pot, cut and serve.
 Do not throw away the liquid in the crock pot.
If you do not want to serve the chicken for dinner, allow the chicken to cool and then remove the meat from the bones. Set the crock pot on  the low setting and cover. Let it cook overnight. In the morning you will have a crock pot full of bones and chicken broth, and your house will smell like Boston Market for the next day or 
Strain out the bones and you have homemade chicken broth for free!Scrape the fat off with a spoon and the broth is ready to be used or can be stored for up to six months in the freezer.


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