Tuesday, March 13, 2012

2 pounds boneless skinless chicken thighs
1/2 to 1 cup of your favorite Caesar dressing 1/2 cup shredded Parmesan cheese
1/4 cup fresh chopped parsley OR  2 teaspoons of dried parsley)
1/2 teaspoon ground pepper
2 cups shredded romaine lettuce
slider buns or  regular sized hamburger buns
Place chicken in a 3-4 quart crock pot with 1-2 cups of water, cover and cook on low heat for 4-6 hours.Remove chicken from crock pot using a slotted spoon and drain the water from the crock pot. Place chicken on a cutting board and pull chicken into shreds, discarding any fat. Place chicken back in the crockpot and pour dressing, Parmesan cheese, parsley, and pepper over the top. I really make sure that I discard any fat pieces so by the time I was done I only used about 1/2 cup of dressing but you make need more if you have more chicken. Stir until mixed evenly. Cover and cook on high heat for 30 minutes or until mixture is hot. Spoon 1/4 cup mixture onto each slider bun if you are making sliders or more for regular sized buns. Top with extra shredded Parmesan cheese and lettuce to serve.Yummo!!


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